Google Drive Graphic Explorer

Google Drive Graphic Explorer is a simple interface that lets you manage ALL your files and shared files in a single view allowing you to edit or download them on just a click away.

Thats all! Try me!

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Changes Log

Next planned version V1.10 (2012-11-25)
-Google+ integration, A circles view of google+ circles.
-Chrome bookmarks simple browsing.
-Exportable linked SVG file, usefull for offline linked catalog browsing.
-"Open with" Applications menu on each item.
-Sharing options on each item.
-"Download as" menu on each item
-"Move to trash" on each item.
-Zoom mode and Select mode.
-Multi selection items for groupal actions.
-Groupal actions panel.
-Sorting options.
-Auto scrolled view.
-Collaborative features

V1.09 (2012-10-25):
-Engine remake to support thousands of files
-Circular text for a cleaner view.
-Filter field based on content file
-Folder browsing mode.
-Colors redesign.